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Get a look inside the template! We show you how it functions and the pages included. 

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SAY HELLO TO An organized, streamlined business System.

A mostly* Done For you business hub in in a few clicks.

* You will have to input your own business information but the template is fully functioning in just a few clicks.

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notion biz hub — notion biz hub — notion biz hub — notion biz hub — notion biz hub — notion biz hub —

two versions Available

If you’re running your business on your own, then this is the version for you. It has everything you need from admin, strategy, project management, marketing, content planning, etc.

If needed you can always add on a dashboard for contractors.

If you already have a team or are planning on having a team this version is for you. You get a dashboard for HR that includes hiring and job positions plus each team member gets their own dashboard that displays only their tasks, notes, and availability.

If you ever plan on hiring employees, we recommend this version.

Nice Words —

"This is business hub is amazing. The creator literally thought about everything you might need a business hub making it fully customizable and very well laid out."

This IS DIFFERENT than other
notion templates. HERE'S WHY...

This template functions as a system instead of just individual pages. You can use it to run your business not just store ideas and notes.

It has a unique navigation feature that allows it to operate like a software instead of a notion template.

The structure allows you to update, customize and add new dashboards and pages when needed. You can edit, move, adjust, add or hide pages and add your own style.

Dashboards & Pages


The first page is your welcome page that everyone gets access to. This is where you will have all important information for the week and any announcements. The left navigation stays the same throughout the template but all content on the right can be edited to fit your business needs!

The admin dashboard includes company documents, brand strategy, tech stack information, workflows and sops and a learning hub. Keep track of your documents in one place here. There is a SOPs template included so you can start mastering your workflows. A learning hub to help keep track of your courses and actually follow through with finishing them.

The strategy dashboard is where you start to set your vision and goals for your business. All planning and projects will be in this dashboard. 

Never know which task to work on next? We give you a project management tool that allows you to see your tasks that are due today and upcoming tasks. We also show you how to use projects to keep track of your tasks.

Keep track of all your products and programs. This is the dashboard where we create and manage our products or programs. Programs can be any of your courses, memberships, mastermind, etc. You can also keep track of all current discount codes that you're offering.

Keep a pulse on your spending by using our simple tracking system for accounting. Write down all your income and expenses and also your recurring subscriptions. Plus you can see what you're earning month by month.

The marketing dashboard is packed with goodies. You have a system for content creation, website planning and so much more. 

If you're a service based business then this dashboard will change your life. You can keep track of client projects plus manage all of your leads and contacts. We included a client portal that is easy for any client to understand even if they are new to notion.

Our goal with the client portals is to be able to replace your CRM software. Each client gets their own portal and it's much easier to duplicate and change out pricing and proposal in notion. This portal is setup for easy access for your client and easy to follow.

*Team Version Only

Are you looking to hire? Do you have a team that you want to keep track of? This is a great way to keep your team all on track. This dashboard also includes job positions that are filled or need to be filled and a job application tracker.

*Team Version Only

Each team member gets their own dashboard so they can login and see only their tasks. We also left it simple so that the employee can add their own cover and make it their own.


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