I Switched from Notion to ClickUp for my Business – Here’s Why

Imagine you’ve been on a quest for the perfect outfit. You’ve tried on countless ensembles, but nothing seems to fit just right—until now. That’s been my journey with project management tools. I’ve zipped and buttoned up so many, hoping to find “the one.”

Notion was like that trendy piece I thought would complete my wardrobe. It was versatile, doubling as a knowledge base and a project manager, keeping everything neatly hung in one closet. I even created a unique template for Notion to use for Solopreneurs and Teams, and I still love that setup and wholeheartedly l believe in it. However as my business started to grow, I noticed that some of the seams didn’t hold as well as I’d hoped. I found myself crafting little DIY fixes or spending ages setting up the look I wanted.

I had a fews things in mind for my business hub when styling all these platforms:

      • Have all tasks in one location so i know exactly what to work on and when.

      • Keep all reference materials/resources in one place so there’s only one primary source of truth.

      • Streamline all my workflows and automate wherever possible.

      • Be able to adjust colors and make it feel like my brand.

      • Manage clients, their tasks, and their communication.

    Meanwhile, ClickUp was over there, sewing up some fabulous new features and launching their sleek ClickUp 3.0 collection. After trying out ClickUps new features, I knew I wanted to make the shift for my business to save me time, money, and effort.

    My goal? To have a business hub that’s like a walk-in closet—a place where everything fits perfectly and is easy to find. ClickUp turned out to be that spacious, well-organized dream. ClickUp allows for 89 Golden to have projects and resources all in one place. They introduced tasks types so everything doesn’t have to be considered only as a task anymore. This is where our GOLD framework comes into play because it’s like having custom shelves for action tasks and reference items. You can use ClickUp as a central place to store all the information so it’s the main command center for team members to go and then things can get linked out from there.

    After using both for some time now, we’ve broken down the features that made us switch to ClickUp

    More Time Doing, Less Time Setting Up

    One of the biggest wins for me was how user-friendly ClickUp is. With Notion, I sometimes felt like I spent more time organizing than doing. Setting up the system or databases can take longer than actually using the database. ClickUp changed the game by making setup a breeze, which means we get to dive into the real work faster.

    Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.

    Working with a team? ClickUp shines here. It’s designed with team communication in mind, making it easier to collaborate on projects. The platform allows you to assign tasks, track progress, and communicate without needing to leave the app.

    One thing we’ve noticed when working with people on customizing their Notion Team Hub, is that using notion with a team is clunky. It makes more sense for anyone with a team to be in ClickUp, even if they are just contractors, because ClickUp was built for it. ClickUp allows you to see all your tasks assigned to you in one location so you always know what you are working on that day. Notion however, doesn’t have that, so action items can be all over the hub. Which can be very confusing without one primary source of truth.

    Client Portals with Style

    For those who work with clients, ClickUp offers a setup for client portals comparable to Notion. We’re able to create a professional space where clients can easily access their projects, see updates, and interact with the team. This feature alone has made our client relationships smoother and more transparent, and enjoyable for the client and us. ClickUp doesn’t offer a payment portal or a place to sign contracts, you can use a link to stripe and a link to your contract software inside the client portal. (BTS look: we use Honeybook to onboard our clients for contracting, scheduling, and payments and then use an automation to connect them to ClickUp)

    Unified Task Management: Your Closet Organizer

    With ClickUp, all your tasks can be in one place, even if they’re from separate lists. This means no more jumping between different pages or tabs to find what you need. Everything is centralized, which saves time and keeps you focused on the task at hand. With unified Task Management you can also see a calendar view of “Everything” in your ClickUp if needed to get a birds eye view of your business.

    Recurring Tasks + Calendar

    Another large factor that made me switch to Clickup is the ease of having recurring tasks setup. Notion has a form of this but the way you have to create a template for it can leave you with a million templates making it hard for your team to know which is which.

    Notion also introduced a second app, Notion Calendar, in order to connect your databases to a calendar. ClickUp has an integration setup with your calendar apps so you can connect to your calendar without having to download another app.

    Automations: The Personal Assistant You Always Wanted

    ClickUp offers automations that help streamline workflows and they are adding integrations with third-party softwares to create automations outside of ClickUp. If you are a solopreneur or someone with a small team, then it’s important to use automations for as many tasks as possible.

    Speaking of third party automation platforms, such as zapier, make, and pabbly, they are all able to integrate with ClickUp which is extremely helpful because some of those platforms don’t offer automations for all software.

    Sharing + Permissions

    One of the most confusing things about Notion is the sharing options. Some things you can share but then the person can see the whole list or all the data in that list, or you can’t hide some of the databases, etc. ClickUp allows you to share Spaces, folders, and lists so you can be super specific on who sees what.

    Personalization: Make it Your Own Style

    Who says productivity can’t be pretty? ClickUp lets you add color and banners to your workspace, so you can personalize it to your liking. This might seem small, but having a workspace that feels unique can make a big difference in how you approach your tasks.

    Powerful Dashboards: Know Your Style Stats

    Dashboards in ClickUp are not just about looks; they show meaningful and helpful numbers that guide decision-making. You can customize them to display the most relevant information, helping you keep track of performance metrics at a glance. We use dashboards to show our overall sales, leads, and conversions, we also use dashboards for Client Portals, and for viewing workload for team members to make sure nobody is being overworked.

    Built-In Features: All the Accessories Included

    Lastly, ClickUp comes packed with built-in features that Notion simply doesn’t offer without third-party integrations. Time tracking, chat boxes, intake forms, screen recording, email – it’s all there in ClickUp. This integration of tools has simplified my workflow and eliminated the need for additional software.

    Happy We Made the Switch – The Perfect Fit

    Switching to ClickUp has been like finding that perfect outfit that makes you feel unstoppable. I If you’re considering a change or looking for a robust project management tool, I highly recommend giving ClickUp a try.

    The most difficult part of making the switch is making sure your Workspace in ClickUp is setup correctly and that’s why we created the ClickUp Business Hub so you don’t have to overthink your setup. It gives you the setup from the start and all you have to do is add your own information and add on as needed. We kept it simple because people tend to over complicate their systems.

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