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89 Golden Blvd is a charming city known for sharing the love of business, branding, and systems and educating the community. 89 Golden Blvd is a picturesque place with a main street lined with local shops, cafes, and parks. It boasts a thriving business economy and a well educated, professional work force. We serve creative entrepreneurs and driven business owners worldwide.

Welcome to 89 Golden Blvd Welcome to 89 Golden Blvd Welcome to 89 Golden Blvd Welcome to 89 Golden Blvd
Welcome to 89 Golden Blvd Welcome to 89 Golden Blvd Welcome to 89 Golden Blvd Welcome to 89 Golden Blvd

we value


We tend to take the road less traveled and creativity is at the heart of the city. We create products, services, and strategy that have a unique spin and allow your creativity to shine.


Like a well-planned city with smooth traffic flow and no roadblocks, we focus on creating efficient strategies, systems, and products. We love to find the quickest route to success, ensuring that every minute counts and no energy is wasted.

Connection + Fun

Connection is like the city's bustling public square, a place where people meet, share ideas, and build relationships. We strive to create strong connections with like-minded business owners but we also believe it should be fun along the way.


We show up with transparency and our true selves. We believe in messy action and you'll see all the twists and turn of this business road trip. This also means our products and services aim to be exclusive and unique.

we believe...

We believe in building a business that supports your lifestyle instead of making your lifestyle support the business. I’m sure you didn’t leave your corporate job just to create another corporate job for yourself. We structure our services and content to give us a work life balance and we like to help those that do too.

The ideas and principles in business are pretty simple, yet we choose to complicate them. We love a minimal business in all aspects including our softwares, systems, content, design, and products. Be very mindful when adding new things to your plate. 

If there’s one thing you should know about us, we love planning, we love strategizing, and we love taking messy action. Planning only gets you so far but actually doing the action is what gets your progress and achievements. We have to fight off our perfectionist tendencies and just take action. We might have everything buttoned up perfectly in a bow all the time, but we do get things done. Done is better than perfect.

Our business is here to support women. At the end of the day, we want women to succeed and we believe that there is room for all women to succeed. You shouldn’t feel the need to compete or put down others because we all deserve a seat at the table.

culture & community

We like working with people who want to make an impact.

89 golden blvd is a digital town comprised of ambitious entrepreneurs and motivated creatives who want to bring their vision to life, express themselves and give this world something beautiful

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+ Cosmetics + Skincare
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+ Home Decor
+ Event Planning
+ Business Education

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about the mayor

Hi I’m Carrah. The designer, strategist, and systems expert at 89 Golden Blvd. My passion is working with ambitious women who are trying to share their vision with the world.

I graduated from UCLA and worked my way up the corporate ladder with 15 years of professional experience (+4 years of Myspace experience ;)) in design and marketing. From print shops, to in house, to digital designer for a highly successful e-commerce store, and leading design teams, I’ve done it all.

But I knew that I wanted to help business owners on a more personal level. That’s when I decided to make my dream of being able to serve creative entrepreneurs come true and 89 Golden Blvd was built.

Using all my experience, I am able to capture the heart of the brand and build out a holistic brand system that works for you for years to come. I believe in getting to know your brand and using it’s special quirks and traits to craft a brand that tells your story.

As part of my journey, I fell in love with systems, task management and productivity. All my life I have loved the technical and logistical side of things but also wanted to make them look good. i love designing but I also love coding, numbers, and tech.

When you run big projects and work with teams, a system and process is necessary to run a successful, efficient project. I’ve learned that systems run hand in hand with creating brands and know what it’s like to be on the front lines using these tools. As business owners, there’s so much that needs to get done, so I’ve learned to create systems to help you get things done.

When we work together it’s a collaborative effort to ensure that we’re crafting something one-of-a-kind for your business.